Key LookyListing Features

Full Property Description Ample space to fully describe your client's property.

Detailed Property Description Identify key aspects of the property (bed/bath, sq ft, style, year, etc).

Property Pricing You can either enter a single price for a home or your range pricing.

Document Vault Store property related documents (with/without) password protection.

Photo Slide Show Show a dynamic photo slide show, which is easy to use. Upload an unlimited number of photos!

Property Calendar Display an open house and/or events calendar for your LookyListing.

Map to Property Display a Google™ map of the location including a QR Code for your mobile users to access right from their mobile device.

RSS News Feed Clients can receive an RSS feed of the LookyListings.

Link to Virtual Tour Link your Virtual Tour to the LookyListing.

QR Codes (NEW!) QR Codes have been added to all listings so your users can quickly scan the unique listing codes to view your listing.

Multi-Language Support now supports Google™ language translations: Spanish, French, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, German, Italian, Japanese and over 12 other languages.

Flyer Design Tool Choose from six different themes to display on your LookyListing. These flyers are made to be printed.

Social Networking (NEW!) When creating a LookyListing, links for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are dynamically created. Agent Conveniences

Fast & Easy Site Creation It takes less than 20 minutes to create a LookyListing.

Online Activation It takes less than 5 minutes from the time you click activate until the LookyListing is live on the web.

Template Driven Construction Choose among 45+ predesigned themes for your LookyListing.

Dashboard Management Modify or update your LookyListing anytime from your LookyLooz dashboard. Change it before or after the listing is activated. You can change virtually anything about the LookyListing at anytime and see your changes on the web immediately.

Agent Information LookyListing will display the agent contact information, agent photo, agent website and company logo.

Preview Page Preview your LookyListing at anytime for free. You can even use this as a demonstration for a potential client. Client Conveniences

Mortgage Calculator Interested parties can work the numbers with the listed or other prices.

Email a Friend Interested parties can send a link to yur LookyListing to their friends.

School District Information School district information provided by National Center for Education Statistics.

Weather Report Display the current weather for your client's property.

Contact Listing Agent Interested parties can contact you via email or telephone by getting your information from the LookyListing.